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Post-Rehab Training


Your body has many joints, ligaments and tendons that we need to support daily function and activity. They support your body's weight and must work in close coordination to provide the mobility most people take for granted, until injury, arthritis, or other problems interfere.

Different Types of Programs

  1. Prevention
  2. Pre-Hab
  3. Post Re-Hab 

Knee/ACL: There are two types of injuries that typically occur in ACL or other knee ligaments.  One being contact which simply means someone or something came in contact with your person and caused an impact.  The other and most common type of injury is a non-contact, meaning there was no contact or force besides your body and the ground.  Weather you decide to get surgery or not we have the program for you.  With 10+ years of experience and guidance from several North Shore Orthopedic Surgeons, we are ready to help you.

Lets get you ready both mentally and physically to conquer your goal of returning to the field, skiing, or simply walking down the street pain free.


Hip replacement are mostly completed in older individuals but these days I have seen firsthand that more and more younger adults are needing hip replacements.  There are many techniques to help prolong degeneration of the pelvis and head of the femur.  If you have completed PT and are looking for more give us a call.


Injuries vary from falls, to contact sport injuries, and even issues from over-use (Baseball, swimming, Tennis, or manual laborers).  No matter what your issue is with our experience, staff and your hard work we can help you get back to playing form, work or to the pool as quick as possible.


Core strength is the key to having good posture.  Don't let a "bad back" end your active life.  Come in for an evaluation and let us help improve your daily life and get rid of that dreaded first move in the morning.

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